Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Poetic Justice Publishing

Hey ho,

PJP is having their first meeting this TUESDAY the 2nd at 7pm and we're going to shake things up a bit.

Let's do away with Tuesday Meetings and instead, let's meet at The Office or Enjoy wine for an hour and read poetry, prose, stories or just drink a coffee in good company.

Let's make stuff on Saturday afternoons! and not just any stuff, let's make a BOOK! Let's not worry about trying to run workshops and events and everything, Janelle can do that.

Come and join us. Come and read the stuff you write when you dream, come and make the book you want to read! Come and celebrate that book at the Mildura Writers Festival!

Let's drop all the crap that's disillusioning all of us and Make Something we can be proud of!


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