Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Writing Studio

It's all happening! Today the power was switched on at The Ink Table. Moana's art studio is almost furnished and ready for our upcoming launch. My writing desk is in transit, and the bookshelf is slowly filling. I will be handing out flyers at The Merbein Market this Sunday to introduce the community to our exciting new venture. We can't wait to be up and running . . . and look forward to meeting you when our doors are open in the next couple of weeks. x Clare


  1. Okay you guys ... an art studio, a writing desk, bottles of brightly coloured lolly water... what's going on.
    What IS the INk Table? And what is happening at the Merbein market?
    I'm feeling pretty chuffed to be the first outsider to find his/her way on to your blog.
    So - what's the whole story?
    I'll await your news.
    Regards and best wishes
    Barry C

  2. Hey Barry,

    Moana and I had a brilliant idea very recently to make use of an empty shop in Merbein, about 10km from Mildura.

    I am setting up a writing space; my own private den to fuel my literary imagination ... and finally get serious about getting published.

    The main area of The Ink Table will be Moana's art studio and an art store.
    It's not quite ready yet. We have had a wonderful time setting up and it is looking inspired.
    When we are ready to open our doors we'll let you know.
    Next time you're in the good country please look us up.

    x Clare

  3. Hi guys,

    I'm in Mildura most of the time if anyone needs me, and have many writing contacts- if you would like to hook up with other writers/writing academics, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

    Daniel Zalec, BA, MA (Writing)